How to write an effective job description

When you are hiring a developer, you enter a highly competitive market. A standout job listing is the very first step to attract standout candidates. With any good job description, HR specialists might want to get inside the mind of potential candidates. They might want to know what matters the most to those who are […]


Make Friends By Rejecting Candidates 1

As an interviewer your job is to screen the candidates, and at the end of the interview you should to be able to make the decision: to reject the candidate or not. Of course nobody likes to tell the candidates: you failed or you are not good enough, especially personally. That is why every company […]

How to Read the Candidate’s Code

When you are evaluating an interview, there are many things you have to consider. One of the most important parts is the coding. The code of the candidate is like an open book, but you have to learn how to read it. Even a few lines of code can help you get a better understanding […]


Technical Questions That Weed Out

This article is concentrated only on the technical part of the interview and tries to summarize hundreds of interviewers’ experiences. This technique has proven successful many times. I personally used it to recruit a group of four junior developers who developed the MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) for a startup in four weeks. It also worked […]

How To Interview a Junior Developer

Hiring a junior developer can be a win-win situation. You give a chance to a young person to improve his/her skills and you get an eager employee. Make Sure You Are Ready For This First let’s see what the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a junior developer are. Cons: More expensive in the beginning: if […]